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When a lot of people say i should do a Collar Placket dress with a jacket on it i decide to do this. is not the same dress but i think is cute enough. This dress works as Everyday, Formal and Outerwear and if you dont have seasons you should install this without problems too.
The mesh is not mine. MaybeRachel frankensteined (i write it right?) the hoodie and the dress and Juliana was good enough to fix the mesh and make it more light to you guys! So if you use this mesh you need give credits to those two lovely girls ♥
Outerwear Enabled | Socks

6 comentarios :

  1. I love this! So adorable, thanks for sharing :)

  2. do we need the mesh for this? xD

  3. Very nice!
    Oh & Where are the boots from on the girl?