PB Teen Bedroom Bed

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Get ready because you are going to see a LOT of pictures :3
Please click on them to see on full size
In this file you will find 3 diferent .sims3pack- The bed, just like you can see in the first picture, The Body Bed with 3 recolorable areas.

And The Body Bed Without Wood Texture. This means you can recolor with paint and it wont have the wood texture of course :)
see? is the same file with the same recolors but with diferent texture, the texture used in the first pictures is from the game. I personaly like more the second Body Bed because is more easy make it match with the furniture in game. Have Fun :)

12 comentarios :

  1. This is so great, really lovely. Thank you!!!

  2. Thank you for this! It was one of my faves for TS2!!


  3. Anónimo7/11/2012

    This is beautiful, but I can't find the wooden frame part in my game. Where is it? Thanks so much.

    1. this should appear in sculpture or misc :)

  4. i like your style of teen bedroom bed. it seems very beautiful.....

    Thank you.....
    Modern Furniture

  5. :( very nice but its a private download. :( oh well.

  6. oh wait nevermind. " https://mega.co.nz/#F!fs4hCBDI!MGwSwj8-BdN-5egHIIfcMg!fgoyRIAJ " Copy paste that link and go under sim2 conversions.Should find the bed in there. ;)

  7. Thank you! Love your creations. :)

  8. This is just lovely...thank you! :)