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I finally manage to recover my blog some days ago.. here are all my downloads + the downloads I upload to my tumblr (patterns, clothes, millions of hair retextures and things I'm making for myself are also uploaded there)

If you need anything you can find my on my Tumblr page and feel free to send an ask. I will reply in time, since I check out that blog everyday now. If you come back to that page looking for your reply and don't find it, just click on the Directory tag in the menu. You will find a section there called Tags inside that section just look for the Replies category and then just look for your message and my reply.

I wish you all the best.*hug*

Collar Placket Dress V.2

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 Here is it. Now the textures are more clean, and is fixed the problem with the patterns :)

Retro Hoodie

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iI love this sweater, and have 3 recolorable areas, less the one with the 'Cool Story Bro' thing, that one have 4 recolorable areas. Hope you guys like it. This works as Everyday, Atlethic and Outerwear and if you dont have seasons you should install this without problems too :)